AB6IX - VIVID [2nd EP Album] (Random Ver.)

AB6IX - VIVID [2nd EP Album] (Random Ver.)

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Mokket Hanteo Chart Family


AB6IX's 2nd EP Album VIVID's product detail
SLEEVE: 172*172*36mm/1ea/different by version

OUTBOX: 171*171*35mm/1ea/different by version

DISC: 1ea/different by version

PHOTOBOOK: 159*159mm/72p/1ea/different by version

PHOTOCARD: 55*85mm/Random/1ea of 12ea/different by version

POSTCARD: 159*159mm/Ramdom/1ea of 4ea/different by version

VIVID COLORCHIP: 60*110mm/6p/1ea

STICKER: 159*159mm/1ea/different by version

PHOTO STAND: 100*159mm/1ea/different by version

AR PHOTOCARD: 55*85mm/Random/1ea of 4ea/different by version/first-press limited

POSTER: 841*594mm/1ea/different by version/first-press limited

POLAROID: 54*86mm/Random/1ea of 160ea/first-press limited/160ea limited